Corporate Valuations

Stock valuation is the ultimate measurement of a company's health and prosperity.  It is a combination of a company's financial performance, strengths and risks, relative market position compared to competitors, and industry valuation multiples (which change almost daily) as well as other economic data.  BAS is an expert at making sense out of all these variables in a way that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Corporate valuations are the bread and butter of BAS.  They are the primary reason why we live and breathe as a company.  Corporate valuations allow us to earn our living by helping corporate business owners understand the value of their companies and utilize the stock valuation as a means of cashing out some or all of their value in retirement, transferring wealth to younger generations, selling stock to management and other employees, or providing a financial incentive to management to make strategic decisions increasing company value.

Brad Van Horn, President of BAS, has been involved in over 3,200 valuations of privately-held entities in his career, most of which have been corporate valuations.  He also is a member on two Boards of Directors, one of which has made numerous acquisitions of other privately-held companies.  Each of these Board positions gives Brad a unique perspective on what factors are important in driving stock value in the right direction.


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