Primary Valuation Services

So, is now the right time to sell your company?
Or, are you on the buying end and are concerned about paying too much?

Click to explore our capabilities Let Business Appraisal Services, LLC help you answer these questions. We offer a wide variety of valuation services that will help you determine an unbiased price that is appropriate for your situation. 

ESOP transaction valuations and feasibility studies

Business Appraisal Services, LLC serves as an independent financial advisor to the trustee of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) or to shareholders who are selling to an ESOP.  Our experienced professionals are able to design and implement an ESOP transaction from start to finish. We help companies, shareholders, and ESOP Trustees understand the tax benefits, retirement benefits, and other financial benefits of an ESOP structure from the perspective of employee-participants, the sponsoring company, and the sellers. Our ESOP feasibility studies determine the ability of a company to repay ESOP debt and analyze whether certain value-enhancing strategies can be implemented such as the use of preferred stock or warrants. We also perform the ongoing annual update valuations of ESOP companies, as required by the Department of Labor.

ESOP administration services

We assist ESOP clients with administrative services to comply with Internal Revenue Code regulations, such as completion of annual ESOP participant account statements, ESOP stock allocation calculations, and annual filing of Form 5500.

Gifting and other estate planning situations

Beyond ESOPs, we work with a client's team of legal and financial advisors to analyze the impact on stock value of various alternatives for transferring ownership through gifts or sales of privately-held stock. We frequently perform valuations involving estate recapitalizations, estate freezes, family limited partnerships, LLCs, and charitable remainder trusts. We also perform valuations on behalf of a decedent's estate for the purpose of reporting stock value to the Internal Revenue Service.

Purchase Price Allocations and Goodwill Impairment Testing

We provide an independent determination of the fair value of certain intangible assets for Purchase Price Allocation purposes at the time of an acquisition.  We also analyze the fair value of Goodwill for Impairment purposes on an annual basis subsequent to an acquisition, as required by financial accounting regulations.

Our Purchase Price Allocation analyses enable management to comply with Accounting Standards Codification 805 (formerly known as the Statement on Financial Accounting Standards, No. 141 (revised 2007)), business combinations.

Fairness and solvency opinions

Business Appraisal Services, LLC provides an independent and unbiased analysis regarding whether specific elements of a transaction are fair to existing shareholders (a fairness analysis), and whether the surviving company will be in a financially sound position immediately after the transaction (a solvency analysis). Fairness and solvency opinions give shareholders the needed confidence to proceed with the terms of a transaction, and reduce the liability exposure to their Board of Directors. Our opinions can also be used to defend against claims from dissenting shareholders.

Litigation support and expert testimony

We provide valuation research and litigation support services for valuation disputes, and provide expert testimony for depositions and trials. We also participate in settlement negotiations. Appropriate circumstances include resolving shareholder disputes, marital dissolutions, and quantifying lost profits & other economic damages.